Sparkly yarn

An unusual offer today!

This Rowan yarn is now discontinued. It’s a shame because it means the end of a range of beautiful dyed tubular yarn as far as I’m concerned. It was intended for knitting (and they create a beautiful fabric) – but the yarn is also ideal for textile mixed media – and also for stuffing to transform into ‘jewellery’, cords, etc. I have 5 skeins of silver left. Once they are gone – that’s it!

Each skein 25g - 57m
Each skein 25g – 57m

It dyes beautifully using Procion dyes – giving you the colour of your dye with flashes of silver. The only reason I am offering these is that I can no longer count it as a repeatable line.

Each skein is £7.50 including post and packing to the UK. If you buy more than one I will refund the extra postage to your paypal account.

This link will take you to PayPal where you can pay using a debit or credit card – even if you don’t have an account.

Summer Holidays

We will be closed for most of the month of August.

At the end of the month you can catch us in Salisbury and Devizes. Both are private venues, so contact us via this form for details. There have been a few price increases and a new list will be published before long. If you already have a copy of the Price List please be aware that it is now out of date.

A little late….

Apologies, I’ve left this a little late – but we will be in Devizes tomorrow. It’s a private venue, but I have permission to open it up to anyone that would like to buy from us. If you would like directions please respond below before midnight tonight, UK time.


My Creative Year.

I have a lot to accomplish this year on the creative side. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when other things ‘drop in’ at unexpected or awkward times – but life is never certain, so we learn to adapt. There is nothing like commitment and accountability, though, so this is how I’m handling it.

I have committed to doing something on most days of the year. The ‘most’ allows for unexpected traumas or events over which I have no control and the ‘something’ means that I don’t need to fret if I can’t continue what I was doing yesterday for some reason. So, how am I being accountable? Well, I’m writing about it all in a special secret diary, and inviting readers to subscribe for a fee of £10.00 for the whole of 2014. No matter when you join you will have access to all the posts for the year – no adverts from ‘suitable suppliers’ etc, just writing about my creative process and what I have done today. There will be chances for you to become involved, occasional tutorials, all sorts of good reasons why you should join, and you can read more details here. Yesterday I wrote about this


Today there will be even more details about my investigations. I’ve already taken yesterday’s efforts to the next level – and I’m hoping to do something else after lunch as well.

Would you like to join me? If you do you could request to receive one of my hand printed postcards featuring my raspberry printing process! That post was a few days ago – but as you can also read that you too could add your name. Some have already been sent – but there will be plenty more ready for sending.

A taster is posted here every day, and you can read just a little more about it here. Why not join me?

Ten times a year there is also a creative event to which everyone is invited. Details of that can be found here.

A change of heart!

Gradually things are being sorted out, so we hope to soon begin to take orders once more via PayPal. Don’t forget, though, we can take orders via the telephone using Visa or MasterCard.

Apart from the range of goods listed in the Price List, don’t forget that we also do Gift Vouchers for any amount over £5.00. Contact us for further details.

Today we made a decision

If you have come here from my personal site you will already know that there are changes afoot. Today we made a decision for the short-term.

We will no longer be accepting orders via the internet. We have had so many problems with paypal that hours have been wasted trying to sort everything out. I can’t begin to tell you the frustration and agony it has caused, so we are having a break and will revert to telephone orders. You can contact us via this page.

I suggest you download a price list to find out what we sell, contact details are also included in that, but be warned that there have been a few price increases that are not yet listed. There will be a new price list later this month, it would have been here already if paypal hadn’t intervened. There are a couple of exceptions, and they are linked from here.

Conservation Tissue

The Collage above was made using conservation tissue. It takes colour beautifully, including these paints and dyes, and becomes transparent when glued with a Matte Medium, allowing underlying layers to become visible and altered. It is surprisingly strong, and can be used as a base for many techniques, including laminating and some involving stitching.

It comes in packs of 5 sheets, each approximately 50 x 75 cm.  Find out more here where there are also more interesting links.